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This glass, screw top jar, contains 10.5 ounces of locally produced Michigan honey. Extracted in the fall of 2020, this wildflower honey is raw and unfiltered, with the hives being located adjacent to a Sunflower field in Linden, MI. The flavor is mild and has floral notes. Health benefits include: a great source of antioxidants, anti-bacterial properties, assists in building immunity to pollen related allergies, helps digestive issues, soothes throats, and more. This honey is a great complement to tea, toast, or on its own straight from the jar!

Natural crystallization may occur due to the nature of the product, as raw and unfiltered honey crystalizes on its own, especially when stored in cooler temperatures. If you'd like to re-liquefy your honey, simply screw off the metal top and pop into the microwave for a few seconds.