Hi! I'm Alaina. I created Shop Fraîche so people could have easy access and a one stop shop for all things gifts, decor, and more! To keep things fun, I'm going to list 30 random facts about me. Thanks so much for being here! 


1. My favorite color is purple

2. Pasta is my favorite food

3. I'm a sucker for white and blue houses

4. My favorite wine is Wente Reisling, I discovered it at one of the oldest italian restaurants in America, in San Francisco

5. Go-to ice cream flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter

6. Dog person all the way!

7. My favorite scents are anything fresh and girly! I am devoted to a few scents I wear: I mix a few from Juliette Has a Gun not a Perfume and Chanel Fraîche.

8. I'm a great cook

9. I love the Great Gatsby

10. My favorite flowers are Peonies and Lilacs, I love gardening and everything floral

11. I don't have any tattoos

12. I love reading and podcasts

13. My guilty pleasures are chocolate chip cookies and raspberry Milano cookies

14. I LOVE coffee

15. I have a birthmark on the back of my neck that looks like dirt!

16. I'm a Leo

17. I am obsessed with getting facials, massages, etc.

18. I once won an award for being a "comedic relief" 

19. My two favorite places I have visited are Palm Springs and New York

20. I'm a morning person. I love laying in bed when it's still dark with some good coffee

21. I'm a big music lover, I have a super wide variety of taste

22. My first car was a baby blue Sebring convertible

23. I'm the messiest eater alive

24. I can do puzzles for legit HOURS

25. I love helping my friends and family 

26. Breakfast is my favorite meal

27. I once had a painting of mine get framed in my local library, a version of Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflower painting. Super freaking proud

28. If I could have lunch with three famous people it would be: Mindy Kaling, Jennifer Aniston, and Sophia Bush

29. My favorite nail polish color is Lincoln Park after Dark by OPI 

30. If I could go anywhere in the world it would be to Bali, Iceland, and Europe



Thank you from the bottom of my heart for shopping with me! xoxo